A Map to Business Success

Heath Grob, Principal Law Firm P.C., is a litigation and transactional firm; meaning we can provide you with the traditional in-house counsel guidance, and we can prosecute or defend against any lawsuit you end up facing. We know business litigation is expensive. The law and the administrative agency rules businesses face during daily operations make any lawsuit complex and multidimensional. There is no simple or easy solution to this problem but there are ways to be prepared and to mitigate the costs. Our firm has the required business background and the legal experience to help your business resolve most legal issues before they result in litigation. After all, the best outcome for any lawsuit is to avoid it altogether. A few of the more common areas we counsel to our clients include:

- Getting a business started, completing buyouts or acquisition, dissolving a business

- Entity changes

- Human resource matters such as proper termination procedures, creating employee manuals, confidentiality agreements, and noncompete agreements

- Contract negotiations, writing and review

- Successor planning for small businesses

- Collection of outstanding accounts receivable

- Real estate/lease negotiations and transactions

- Adding or removing business investors or family members from a company

- Damages and cost mitigation for current or pending lawsuits

- How divorce affects a business interest

- Maintaining state mandated business records

- Meeting your fiduciary or statutory duties to the company's co-owners

Our firm always advises you with the goal of preventing a lawsuit. Unfortunately, litigation is a part of doing business. Early intervention, detailed preparation and overcoming delay tactics are how we approach every case. As a seasoned litigator, Heath Grob manages the entire litigation process in-house and always attempts early resolution as a means to control the risks and costs. However, he remains focused on the true goal; presenting the jury with your story and explaining why it's important they grant a verdict in your favor.