Protecting Your Interests In HOA/Landlord Tenant Law

Heath Grob, Principal Law Firm P.C., works with clients in Rockwall County and the Dallas metro area to resolve residential and commercial landlord/tenant disputes, as well as conflicts related to residents and homeowners' associations (HOAs). Our firm's founding attorney represents landlords, tenants and property developers. We understand all sides of this area of real estate law.

How Do HOA Conflicts End Up In Court?

HOAs have existed for more than a century. Their main purpose has been to fund shared maintenance of common areas such as playgrounds and pools. However, they also enforce covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) that govern the appearance and condition of individual units within a neighborhood. Individual homeowners may seek sue an HOA for reasons that may include:

  • Intrusive micromanaging of the normal activities of residents
  • Inconsistent or ineffective enforcement of CC&Rs
  • Failure to deliver agreed-upon services to the community
  • Financial issues that place common areas of the community in jeopardy of foreclosure or sale

HOAs have the power to go to court to levy fines or collect unpaid HOA dues from homeowners, and may go through the court system (a judicial proceeding) to foreclose if resident issues are left unresolved.

Representing Landlord And Tenant Clients

Many conflicts between landlords and tenants, whether it is a residential or commercial situation, revolve around the lease that exists between the two parties. Our firm can assist you with a lease negotiation or review your lease agreement if you feel a conflict may be related to it.

Landlord tenant issues can expand quickly, so our firm offers direct access to your attorney when you need it. Mr. Grob provides frank and honest counsel to his clients, so you can trust that his assessment of your legal position is truthful.

You Have A Voice In Property Law Matters

Our firm understands the intricacies of HOA and landlord/tenant law in Texas. Mr. Grob will ensure you are treated fairly and that your legal rights are respected. We serve Dallas clients from our office in Rockwall. Call or email us to setup a free half-hour consultation. Se habla español.