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  • 5.0/5.0

    Heath & his team do an awesome job! He takes care of business 100%. I highly recommend him to everybody.

    — Jesus Lopez

  • 5.0/5.0

    Great Lawyer, refereed to me by my friend. And is awesome and does a great job!

    — Jj

  • 0.0/5.0

    Sean always shows respect and care along with hard working to make sure your case is given the best representation for best results! Thankful for all Sean Thomason!

    — Pat Dehner

  • 5.0/5.0

    Heath is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and attentive to his clients needs. Take his time in answering any and all questions. His staff is awesome! Highly recommend!

    — Shawn Wallace

  • 5.0/5.0

    Heath has handled our business and family matters brilliantly. He does not take BS from anyone and will cross every t and dot every i. Best attorney we've worked with in 10 years.

    — Kendra Wallace