Using Construction Liens To Remedy Nonpayment

Construction liens protect the rights of owners, contractors and other parties involved in the construction process. Any of these parties may file a lien against any other party involved in the construction project. Construction issues that often result in filing a lien include:

  • Fraud
  • Failure to pay for services
  • Failure to pay for materials
  • Failure to deliver services
  • Poor workmanship

Heath Grob, Principal Law Firm, P.C. has a long, successful track record of negotiating and settling construction disputes in the Dallas metropolitan area. By leveraging our industry relationships and tapping our knowledge and experience, we understand when filing a construction lien becomes the best solution.

Help Removing Construction Liens

Liens on properties are often not discovered until a title search is done at the time of sale. The complex nature of lien filings makes it difficult to negotiate their removal and get title insurance. Even if a lien is invalid, title companies will refuse to insure the title.

Construction liens typically fall into one of four categories:

  • Invalid mechanic’s liens
  • Judgment liens
  • Child support liens
  • Fraudulent liens

Requesting a full release from the lien holder is the best way to get a lien removed, but additional steps are often necessary. If the lien holder refuses to sign a release, there are both judicial and nonjudicial ways to move forward. When mediation and other nonjudicial solutions are not successful, we draft a formal demand and present it to the creditor. If the creditor refuses to execute a release, we take the case to court.

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