Holding Contractors And Construction Companies Accountable For Construction Defects

Contractors and construction companies know that proving responsibility for construction defects can be difficult and time-consuming. When construction defects become apparent, they typically deny responsibility for poor workmanship or using defective materials. However, failure to at least investigate the resulting hazardous conditions and damage to the property is a form of negligence and unfair business practices. With Heath Grob, Principal Law Firm, P.C., on your side, we can help you hold your contractors accountable.

Duty of Care in Construction

Duty of care is a legal concept that requires individuals and businesses to make reasonable efforts to avoid actions that could possibly harm others. In the context of the construction industry, this means that architects, construction workers, contractors, and construction companies are all responsible for making reasonable efforts to ensure that the structures they work on are safe. This includes the design of the structure, workmanship and the quality of the materials used.

Poor design, poor workmanship and defective materials can lead to dangerous conditions and health hazards, including:

  • Hazardous conditions that could lead to slip-and-fall injuries
  • Exposure to harmful toxins or substances
  • Water intrusion
  • Mold outbreaks

Damage caused by defects and poor workmanship may take several years to become apparent. The statute of limitations for filing a construction defect claim in Texas is 10 years.

Signs of Construction Defects

The experienced construction attorneys at Heath Grob, Principal Law Firm, P.C., can help you identify the kind of defects that merit a claim. The condition of all structures begin to deteriorate over time, but recently built structures should remain relatively free of defects for years. The types of structural problems and defects that merit construction defect claim include are:

  • Unusual water leaks
  • Leaking roofs
  • Failure of siding materials
  • Cracks in walls
  • Cracks in foundations
  • Overall poor workmanship

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