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Skillful advocate represents clients in lease matters and tenant disputes

Landlords face a variety of challenges, some of which come without any warning. Problems that affect a commercial or residential tenant often result in unpaid rent or other consequences that prevent property owners from maximizing the value of their investment. Located in Rockwall, Heath Grob, Principal Law Firm, P.C. provides effective legal counsel in Texas landlord-tenant matters so clients can avert unnecessary losses and resolve disputes promptly and favorably. Whether you’re looking to draft a proper lease agreement, need assistance with rent collection or are initiating the eviction process, I can make sure you have the information and advocacy you need to protect your interests.

Accomplished firm offers thorough guidance on issues relating to rental properties

In Dallas, Rockwall, Collin and Kaufman counties, I counsel landlords on key matters such as:

  • Drafting and negotiating leases — Setting forth clear terms from the outset minimizes the likelihood of costly confusion later. Whether you’re seeking a standard form to use with multiple tenants or are working on a unique property rental agreement, you can count on me to draft and negotiate language that plainly sets forth each side’s rights and obligations.
  • Rent collection — When delays occur and extra effort is required to obtain the full amount of rent that is owed, it reduces the return that landlord receives. Through effective communications and legal measures where necessary, my firm handles collection concerns on behalf of Texas property owners.
  • Maintaining property integrity and profitability — If your tenant is not using or maintaining the property in the manner required by the lease, I outline the available options and move quickly to stop the offending activity. In all landlord-tenant disputes, my firm is committed to resolving conflicts promptly and efficiently. 

As an attorney familiar with traditional landlord-tenant law as well as community and homeowners’ association law, I can help you develop a sound strategy no matter what type of rental or common-use property issue you’re facing.

Effective advocate handles eviction proceedings

Retaking property after a tenant fails to pay their rent or otherwise violates their lease requires strict attention to relevant laws. Clients seeking to terminate a tenancy for cause rely on my firm to prepare demand letters and eviction notices. Should the renter fail to comply with your requests, I will initiate a lawsuit to remove them from premises. Often, a lessee might try to a raise some sort of defense to support their position, such as the fact that the property is in poor condition or requested repairs were not completed. In some cases, you might find yourself facing a discrimination allegation. Whatever excuse is offered, I gather the necessary evidence to counter the tenant and move the proceeding along until the renter leaves or is removed by an officer.

What rights do I have as a landlord?

Most landlord-tenant provisions are designed to protect the renter. For example, landlords who wish to keep all or part of a security deposit must present an itemized description of the damage that justifies the withholding. The best safeguard of a landlord’s rights is a well-crafted, legally enforceable lease agreement that details rent due dates, late fees and access to the property. Ambiguities frequently are interpreted in the tenant’s favor, so it’s worthwhile to take care during the drafting process to make sure terms are easily understood.  

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Heath Grob, Principal Law Firm, P.C. represents landlords in legal matters relating to lease agreements, evictions and other concerns. My firm serves Dallas, Collin and Kaufman counties and is located in Rockwall. Please call 972-961-7879 or contact me online to make an appointment.    

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