Cost-Effective Resolution To Complex Partnership Disputes

The attorneys at Heath Grob, Principal Law Firm, P.C. understand the complexity and high stakes nature of partnership disputes. The disruption caused by disputes affects profits, business relationships and sometimes the very future of the company. We are committed to resolving disputes quickly in a cost-effective manner.

Our firm can help with partnership disputes such as:

  • Breaches of fiduciary duty
  • Embezzlement
  • Partnership agreement errors and omissions
  • Fraud
  • Loss of a key employee claims
  • Business separation disputes

Experienced Breach of Fiduciary Duty Lawyers

All partners have a fiduciary duty to put the interests of their company ahead of their own interests. When a partner fails to honor that duty, companies may suffer not only immediate financial losses but may also suffer a loss of reputation that affects future profits.

Breaches of fiduciary duty include actions by a partner such as:

  • Enriching themselves at the expense of the company
  • Diverting company opportunities to themselves
  • Taking actions that harm the company
  • material facts
  • Self-dealing

Heath Grob, Principal Law Firm P.C., has a strong record of guiding businesses through breach of fiduciary duty lawsuits. We understand that it’s not only the future success of the business affected, but also the very existence of the company may be at stake. The damage that can be done by a breach of fiduciary duty cannot be understated.

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