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A finished building requires the orchestration of dozens of different construction industry professionals. Many things can go wrong along the way. Heath Grob, Principal Law Firm, P.C.., handles disputes between building owners, general contractors and subcontractors. Mr. Grob is an aggressive litigator for clients when necessary, but also helps limit client costs by negotiating positive agreements between parties outside of court.

“Business lawsuits are expensive and take time. As your lawyer, I can help you resolve your construction conflict in a cost-effective way.” — Heath Grob

To Sue or Not to Sue? Answering a Difficult Question

Many construction clients come to our office seeking to pursue a lawsuit related to disagreements that arise around a specific project. Some of them include:

  • Payment issues
  • Subcontractor property access or timing issues
  • Construction defects
  • Condition of property
  • Delay damages

Regardless of whether you are a general contractor or a subcontractor, our lawyer will examine your claim and advise you on whether litigation is the best way to resolve your issue. Civil suits can be costly, and a settlement may be the best way to end the conflict and allow your project to continue.

We Construct Client Relationships for the Long Haul

We provide transactional business legal services for our clients, but you are never just a transactional client to our firm. Mr. Grob visits on a regular basis with his clients, advising them on upcoming legal issues and often helping them resolve legal conflicts before they spin out of control. We can help you with a variety of issues unrelated to litigation, including:

  • Contract reviews
  • Successor planning
  • Meeting fiduciary or statutory duties to company co-owners

Get Back to Building — We Will Handle Your Legal Matters

Mr. Grob knows construction law and will protect your interests in the courtroom or at the settlement table. We serve Dallas metro clients from our office in Rockwall, Texas. Call 972-961-7879 or email us to set up a free half-hour consultation. 

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    10 outa 10 the best lawyer around. Actually cares about what’s going on which with most lawyers isn’t the case. I wanna thank them for all they did and will definitely be recommending them to any and everyone

    — Alex trejo

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    Heath Grob is a fine attorney who exceeds his Clients' expectations!

    — Donald Hood

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    Great office staff! Straightforward and to the point. Very professional. Willing to work hard for you.

    — Rebekah Eskridge

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    Great service, office staff friendly and helpful.

    — Meril

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    Heath & his team do an awesome job! He takes care of business 100%. I highly recommend him to everybody.

    — Jesus Lopez